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Join the fun and play into new skills and a lifelong love of learning


“As a social worker and social ecologist Louise has combined her creative, artistic and compassionate skills in poetry circus theatre and writing to develop workshops and experiences to get people moving towards their utopia and living their dreams fast”


“Louise has written spontaneously over 5000 poems for people of all walks of life Creating freestyles spoken word pieces, interactive community events and writing personalised songs She elevates your essence, inspires confident leadership and moves your Spirit”


“Whether celebration or intervention Louise's dedication to joyously creating and expressing more of the energy of your purpose, the power of your organisation or event towards the goals of social and emotional well being, living your dreams and natural harmony”

Intuitively designed Experiences

Over 35 years Louise has worked with individuals and organisations to ensure that everyone is able to give of their optimum strengths, have resilience to express and have compassion for their own emotions, to be a powerful contributor in enable the kind of world and systems we want to see to design a compassionate and healthy global community where everyone has cradle to the grave security. You will never get bored or be at a loss for inspiration and self care if you follow along with the charactors she meets along the way, the ideas she embraces and the dedication she has to inspiring her tribe to live the dream of their new utopia. Where we can all know love, satisfaction and care!

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